The Review renews its team

711afd31-4f87-4a2c-b215-cfc610c4a77a-original4.jpgFollowing the publication of the first issue, Valentin Pinel le Dret, founder of the Review, has been replaced as Editor in Chief of the Review by Paul Heckler, who has renewed the Editorial Board by nominating Camille Gendrot as Editor and Victorien Salles as External Editor. 

The Review is also glad to welcome amongst its members Adrien Fargère, Lukas Kellermeier and Camille Rigaud - who will join the Secretariat General placed under the direction of Valentin Pinel le Dret - as well as Jessica Balmes, Virginie Kuoch, Estelle Richevilain and Matthieu Ruquet, who join the Reading Committee.