About the Journal

In 2017, in a café on the rue Soufflot, the Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique des étudiants de la Sorbonne was created. Under the initiative of doctoral students, teachers and students from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, and in partnership with the École de droit de la Sorbonne, the project of a semestral review dedicated to the publication of both English and French authors, whether experienced or not, has been developed.

The review develops an editorial line highlighting the work of researchers and visiting professors at the Sorbonne Law School as well as that of researchers not affiliated with the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. It promotes all legal contributions, regardless of the specific fields in which they are made, and particularly encourages studies relating to French law written in English as well as "transdisciplinary" studies, such as Law & Economics, Law & Literature, gender studies, sociology and anthropology of law, etc.

In addition to its editorial activities, the review organizes conferences and seminars to create forums where researchers, students and professionals can meet, regardless of their specialities and qualities. These events are designed as places for exchanges between the different branches of legal research, but also between the different actors involved in legal analysis and research.