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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Your submission is an original work that has not already been published elsewhere
  • Your have read and followed the author guidelines and the Editorial Charter
  • Your work is written in either English or French and contains an abstract written in the other language
  • Your document does not contain any identifying element (name, institution, address, acknowlegdement, etc.)
  • If your work is extracted from a dissertation, PhD thesis, or any unpublished document, you have reworked it so that it constitutes a self-standing article
  • You have the necessary rights to publish this article. In case of multiple authorship, all names will have to be added during the submission process. If the submission is an extract from a dissertation, thesis or other unpublished document, you have obtained, if applicable, the necessary authorizations (authorization from the committee or the institution)
  • You do not have any conflict of interest with the subject-matter of your article ( (profesionnal, financial, or otherwise). If you are unsure or believe that the conflict does not impact the substance of your submission, indicate it during the submission process
  • You have not and will not try identify or contact the reviewers in charge of the double-blind review. Any attempt to do so will result in the immediate rejection of your submission

Author Guidelines

The Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique des étudiants de la Sorbonne develops a bilingual editorial line in French and in English highlighting the work of researchers, whether experienced or not, and guest professors of the Sorbonne Law School as well as those of researchers not affiliated with the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

The review promotes all legal contributions, regardless of the specific fields in which they are made, and particularly encourages studies relating to French law written in English as well as "transdisciplinary" studies, such as Law & Economics, Law & Literature, anthropology of law, etc..  

The review defends the highest academic standards and does not participate to the political debate, although it ensures respect of the humanist values that one can reasonably be expected from any academic work. The review shall also not publish contributions that are not in good standing in English or French.

Manuscripts must meet the following requirements:The Editorial Committee controls the entire submission process. It may request the author, after consulting the Reading Committee, to make changes to the content and form of the manuscript. If it considers it necessary, or at the request of the Reading Committee, the Editorial Committee may request the Scientific Committee of the review for advice. The Scientific Committee may also be requested to provide peer review if the author's status or the particularity of their article so requires.

The Editorial Committee remains sovereign in the administration of the manuscripts. These are guaranteed to be published only after formal authorization by the Editorial Committee notified to the author.

The author may, before the notification of publication, request the withdrawal of their manuscript, without having to justify the reason. The author may also challenge comments made by the Reading Committee regarding possible substantive or formal changes. This challenge must be justified and cannot be directed against a decision of the Editorial Committee. Refusal to comply with a decision of the Editorial Committee results in the immediate and final withdrawal of the manuscript from the reading and publication process. 

Manuscripts are peer-reviewed following the double-blind method. Authors are asked not to try to obtain the identity or contact the member of th Reading Committee in charge of the evaluation. Any such attempt will lead to the rejection of the submission. 


Invited Professors

Section reserved to Invited Professors at the Sorbonne Law School submitting an article for the Sorbonne Student Law Review.

Privacy Statement

 The Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique des étudiants de la Sorbonne cares deeply about protecting your privacy in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, especially the General Regulation on Data Protection. For this reason, we try our best to limit the collection and processing of your personal data to what is sticly necessary according to the following Privacy Policy. 

Data gathered about you

We collect two types of personal data:

- Data that you have explicitely provided us with, such as email addresses, names, etc., for instance when registering in order to submit an article.

- Data automatically collected by our server, such as IP address, browser, etc.   

Use of cookies 

We use exclusively "session" cookies that are strictly necessary for our website to function (browsing language, ID of registered user, etc.) and for which consent of the user is not required. Information contained in cookies is not transmitted to third parties and can only be read by our website and your browser. We do not use any third party cookies.  

Use of data we collect

The data we collect ensures that our website fonctions and that the peer-review and publication process can be carried out. We also use it for analysical purposes. However, your data is not used for commercial purpose or any kind of targetting. 

Information linked to the publication proccess may be shared with the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Apart from this case, the Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique des étudiants de la Sorbonne dois not share any information with third parties, subject to legal obligations. 

Data securisation

The Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique de droit de la Sorbonne does everything it can to keep your personal data safe. This includes using secured protocols (https and SSL) as well as anonymising data when possible. 

Your rights over your personal data

The Sorbonne Student Law Review - Revue juridique des étudiants de la Sorbonne is a scientific publication. Data collected within the framework of the publication process can be kept for archival purposes. Control, correction and deletion of data not essential to the archival of the review can be managed directly from your account.  


If you have any question regarding the management of you personal data, please contact us.

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy. 

Updated on the 30th of October 2018.